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It's true that there are a boatload of returning characters to be featured in 's X-Men: Days Of Future Past. I mean come on, there are two entirely separate X-Men franchises converging in one film. However, much as this series has focused, re-focused, and arguably over-focused on that popular mutton-chopped rager, Wolverine remains the character that most holds our attention.

During an interview with Den of Geek, offered up some insights on how his character has changed coming into the new movie and specifically how Logan will experience a very meaningful role reversal in DoFP.

"This is a continuation of the franchise, so in a way we're combining two X-Men worlds. I don't know how much you've been told... I don't know how much there's been mentioned of the timeline... So when it starts, Wolverine's very much part of the group, and I know that's not always been the case."

"Wolverine really went under a massive change by missing Professor Xavier. He was pretty lost. He was on his own, and pretty rudderless, really. That guidance really changes him and helps him grow. So it's such a great concept, this idea that you can send your mind back to your younger body, the idea that you can go back not only for yourself, but with the benefit of wisdom, knowing what a person's going to become. You go back and find a younger Charles Xavier, perhaps, in a more vulnerable place, a slightly less wise place, a difficult place where I can play the role for him that he would later play for me. It's poignant, and beautifully brought out in the script."

Call me naive, or potentially even a philistine among the true comic book fans, but I had NO idea that Professor X's contemporary consciousness being transported to his younger self would be a plot point for this film. That actually sounds like the cornerstone for the confluence of the two filmic X-Men universes. I'm really interested to see this suggested role reversal between Wolverine and Professor X, because honestly Logan was beginning to become one-note.

What do you guys think?


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