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Abi Toll

There's cause to get 'guardedly' excited.

With The Wolverine Digital, Blu-ray and DVD release date almost upon us, have said that recently revealed that he and director were discussing the potential of another sequel.

Jackman told Entertainment Weekly:

I was on the phone with Jim Mangold last night...There are some really cool ideas that I’m dying to tell you, but that would be giving away a secret that is not even [fully] formed yet.

So whilst we can't get too carried away with the idea, it seems that Jackman has not ruled out a Wolverine reprisal.

He elaborated:

I kind of am enjoying him more than ever… Being older helps playing Wolverine. He’s 200 or 300 years old — no one really knows — and he’s sort of world-weary. The actual working out gets harder and harder, I’ll admit.

Jackman is understandably tentative, adding:

I don’t want to dive into another one until we have a compelling reason to do another one. I love the character, he’s kind of like a best friend to me, and I don’t ever want to take [him] or the fans for granted. I think we’ve got a great opportunity to make something really cool, but it has to be great. That’s what we’re all working toward.

Ah Hugh Jackman, we love you and The Wolverine too and completely understand your concerns. What do you guys think? Should Jackman don the claws for an eighth time, or should they just leave it be?



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