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Now, with having spent much of the last two years declaring to anyone who'd listen that he absolutely, positively would not be playing after making 's now imminently-arriving , it almost seems churlish to question whether or not that will ultimately prove to be true. Sure, we may all want Jackman to change his mind, and don Wolverine's claws for a few more outings, but at this point, it's arguably worth just respecting the guy's admirable determination to take the character that made him a megastar out on a high.

Especially since, from the sounds of it:

Hugh Jackman 'Put Everything' Into 'Logan'

'Logan' [Credit: Fox]
'Logan' [Credit: Fox]

That, at least, was what Jackman suggested in a recent interview with ET, during which he revealed that:

"There is not a frame of this film where I can't say I didn't put everything into it... I couldn't have made this film if I didn't make the decision within myself that this was the last one. I just didn't compromise on anything. I was a pain to a lot of people, because I don't get another shot at this. This is a character I love. I owe my career to this character."

All of which seems both hugely earnest, and really rather sweet. After all, with the tens of millions of dollars that are surely sitting on a table somewhere, gently trying to lure Jackman's resolve into submission, it's hard not to at least grudgingly respect his willingness to say goodbye to Wolverine.

Except, of course, that isn't actually going to make it any easier to say goodbye once Logan hits theaters on March 3. Because, y'know, he's still Wolverine.

What do you think, though? Will you ever be able to get over Hugh Jackman? Let us know below!

(Sources: ET)


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