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It's been a bittersweet time for comic book fans, as we are forced to say goodbye to the incredible as Logan, a.k.a. Wolverine. It's even more painful to know that, given the current Hollywood landscape, a recast is inevitable.

Yes, some prospective actors are exciting, but worry remains that whichever actor takes on the role won't live up to the incredibly high bar set by Jackman.

[Credit: Marvel Comics]
[Credit: Marvel Comics]

But we can all rest assured as Fox has the best consultant for the next wearer of the iconic claws. recently did an interview with Deadline, and he was naturally asked about a possible Wolverine re-cast and whether Hugh Jackman would have any say in the pick. It turns out he most definitely will, as the producer revealed:

“We haven’t even thought of the next iteration of Wolverine. For all of us, we were keeping our fingers crossed that the audiences would respond to ‘Logan’ the way they have. I can’t visualize in my head another Wolverine, but — if that day ever comes — we would talk to Hugh [Jackman] about it.”

That's a great sign of the respect Fox has for Hugh. And as heartbreaking as him leaving the role is, we can't deny...

Having Hugh As Part Of The Casting Process Is A Brilliant Move

Hugh Jackman in 'The Wolverine' [Credit: 20th Century Fox]
Hugh Jackman in 'The Wolverine' [Credit: 20th Century Fox]

Obviously, any casting director with a good eye has the potential to pick the next great actor to portray . However, Hugh has a special connection with the guy. He's been playing Wolverine for almost 20 years. He's grown into the character and is naturally very protective of the (almost) immortal mutant.

He knows him inside and out, what makes him tick, what makes him special, makes him who he is. Therefore, he's the perfect consultant to pick an actor who embodies what makes Wolverine who he is, who could make him come alive.

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His collaboration in the casting process becomes more important if we consider the fact that a new Wolverine might be part of the seemingly never-ending continuity. Yes, Logan is an end for Wolverine but it takes place in the future.

Old Man Logan [Credit: 20th Century Fox]
Old Man Logan [Credit: 20th Century Fox]

With Deadpool, X-Force and the Untitled X-Men, Fox will explore the 20-year-gap between X-Men: Apocalypse and Logan. And surely, plays a part in at least one of those stories.

With that option on the table, a new actor might be put in the same situation as Alden Ehrenreich with Han Solo, where they need to portray the exact same character someone else played before. Who would be better to pick a younger version of the character than Hugh Jackman? Probably no one. But if they decide to stick with the more senior version of Wolverine, Jackman already has an idea about who can rock the adamantium claws after he's done with them, suggesting a few days ago that he'd like to see Shah Rukh Khan replace him.

There's also the fact that it might not be a male actor stepping into the role of Wolverine at all. In the comics right now, it's Laura Kinney/X-23 who is wearing the mantle, and has already been introduced into the X-Men movie universe. Hopefully, when the times comes to have a new Wolverine, this collaboration between Fox and Jackman results in an amazing new choice for our beloved three-clawed mutant.

What do you think about Hugh Jackman having an input in the new Wolverine's casting? Who would you like to see portray the character? Let me know in the comments!

[Source: Deadline]


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