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Now, while 2017 looks set to be even more heavily stuffed with cinematic superhero offerings than usual, we aren't actually going to see a whole lot of them until the second half of the year. Both Marvel and DC are, it seems, keeping their biggest projects in reserve until the summer and fall, with only The Lego Batman Movie hitting theaters before May. That, though, doesn't mean we'll be abandoned entirely, of course. After all, we'll have 's to keep us company, with 's final film as set to arrive in theaters March 3, 2017.

Despite Logan's fairly imminent arrival, however, we're still pretty much in the dark over exactly what to expect from the film. Sure, we now know it'll prominently feature a young , as long-suspected, as well as an aged , but beyond that, the first full trailer didn't give all that much away. Which, of course, makes it all the more exciting that...

Hugh Jackman Just Teased Another 'Logan' Image While We Wait For The New Trailer

Now, of course, that recent Instagram post doesn't actually tell us all that much more about the movie — largely just confirming that yes, Wolverine will look awesome in the movie — but that's ultimately OK. After all, according to Trailer Track, we don't have too long to wait to see the film's shiny new trailer, which will presumably answer at least a handful of our burning questions:

With only three weeks to wait, then, it seems that patience regarding that there trailer might just be a whole lot more manageable than previously thought. Which is fortunate, really, seeing as we, uh, didn't actually have an alternative option...

What do you reckon, though? What are you most curious about when it comes to Logan? Let us know below!

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