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By now, the word 'Wolverine' is pretty much synonymous with Hugh Jackman, who has portrayed the Canuncklehead in Fox’s X-Men universe for over 15 years. He is the only actor to appear in every X-Men tentpole film, and has undoubtedly become the face of the franchise. The next film in the X-Men saga, Logan, is supposedly Jackman’s last performance as Wolverine (except for Deadpool 2 hopefully), and fans are understandably heartbroken to see him go.

The Wolverine [Credit: Fox]
The Wolverine [Credit: Fox]

Our cinematic Wolverine differs quite considerably from his comic-book counterpart, but over the years, fans have come to love this alternative take on the character. Wolverine has had many different looks in the film universe, but there's still one look in particular fans are dying to see: Wolverine's iconic yellow X-Men suit from the comics. Whether Jackman dons the blue and yellow, or the brown and yellow, we just want see him in the costume at least one time before he retires.

We may be in luck, as Jackman recently took to Twitter to tease fans about Wolverine putting on a classic costume — and making our dreams come true.

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Hugh Jackman Teases Fans

Hugh Jackman is a social media master. He uses it to honor his fans, and — taking a leaf out of Ryan Reynolds's Deadpool playbook — he also uses it to tease them. As you can see above, he recently took to Twitter to share a snap of a Wolverine action figure in the classic yellow suit. Although he's captioned it 'original', he is most likely referring to the comic book character being the original, rather than the costume being Wolverine's original costume (as it is not).

This could just be Jackman messing with his fans, but it could be something more. Recently Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, and Pierce Brosnan posted a picture to Twitter of the three of them hanging out on a couch. The internet erupted with theories, with the consensus being that Brosnan would be playing Cable in Deadpool 2.

From what we know so far, the former James Bond is now rumored to be in talks to play Cable, so this tweet foreshadowed some major X-Men universe news. Whether Hugh Jackman’s action figure tweet is a tease of him putting on the suit is yet to be seen; however, given Jackman’s social media prowess, I highly doubt it was just a coincidence.

Fox Has Teased The Costume Before

This isn’t the first time we’ve been teased by the promise of Wolverine donning the classic yellow suit in the universe. In a deleted scene/alternate ending for 2013’s The Wolverine, we see Jackman open a box that contains the classic suit. This had fans very excited for the possibility that he would wear it in future films; however, he has still not worn it once. Jackman’s tweet riled the fans up again, and they took to Twitter with excitement and renewed hope that he will wear the suit in the future.

Fans React To Hugh Jackman's Tweet

Fans wasted no time in replying to Jackman's tweet, and voicing their overwhelming support for the yellow costume. Some cried out for Wolverine to don the classic costume before Jackman retires, while others gave us a better look at the Wolverine figure from the picture.

This next tweet uses one simple GIF to convey the person’s feelings, and it is by far my favorite. It would seem the notion of Jackman actually putting on the yellow suit has trapped Twitter user Skye in a glass case of emotion.

These are only a few of the many tweets which cry out for Jackman to put on the costume. It would make sense to have him do it at least once, even if it is handled like they did on Luke Cage — where he had the classic costume on, made fun of it, and took it off. We won’t know if Jackman puts on the suit for quite some time – if it doesn't happen in — because his next logical appearance would be in Deadpool 2 (if he’s in it). In any case, we can’t wait to see Hugh Jackman put on the claws “one last time” in Logan on March 3, 2017!


Would you like to see Hugh Jackman put on the classic Wolverine costume?


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