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Back in 2000, Hugh Jackman donned Wolverine's adamantium claws for the first time in X-Men — and thus, a legend was born. Hugh Jackman's portrayal of the character is not only iconic, but it is also the only interpretation of the character in film history. Prior to the release of Logan, Hugh Jackman announced that this would be the last time he would play Wolverine, to the dismay of many fans.

premiered to huge praise from both fans and critics alike, and the box office is testament to just how much fans love Hugh Jackman and the X-Men franchise. Logan is now the 5th highest opening R-rated film in history, and Hugh Jackman recognizes that this was all made possible because of his fans. Jackman took to Instagram and Twitter to thank fans in a beautifully fitting way.

Hugh Jackman Thanks Fans For Their Support

Hugh Jackman released a video on social media that displays a ton of fan-art for Logan accompanied by the song "Hurt" by Johnny Cash – which was featured in the first full length trailer for Logan. The video begins with a message to all the fans have supported Jackman for the 17 years he has played Wolverine – yes, it has been that long – and ends with a second thank you, reiterating how important Jackman’s fans are to him.

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All the fan-art is great, but it’s the fact that Hugh Jackman took the time to acknowledge all the people that have made Logan such a huge success which is truly heartwarming. Jackman has always been great to his fans, and has continually been able to connect with them through his films and his social media. This video reminds us that Jackman portraying Wolverine one last time in Logan is just as bittersweet from him as it is for his fans.

Fans Respond To 'Logan' and Hugh Jackman On Twitter

If you haven’t seen Logan yet, it is a beautiful film and really allows Jackman to explore the character of Wolverine/Logan in a way that he has never been able to before. The film is complex, and is unlike any other X-Men film to date. Fans recognized the beauty in the film, and took to social media to express their love for Logan:

Beyond Logan as a film, fans recognize that the film wouldn’t have worked without Hugh Jackman. Over the years, Hugh Jackman has become synonymous with Wolverine, and has truly become the embodiment of the character on film. After seeing Logan, fans truly appreciated how great Jackman is in the role, and how he will always be Wolverine in their hearts.

Hugh Jackman’s portrayal as Wolverine will forever be iconic. Through all the X-Men films to come, Jackman will forever be Wolverine in the hearts of fans. Although Logan was Jackman's last portrayal as the character, it was the perfect send-off. As fans, we will miss Jackman in upcoming X-Men films, but we thank him for all his work and for becoming the total embodiment of on-screen. If you haven’t already, make sure you check out Logan in a theater near you.

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