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As the Hulk-smash their way through shooting the upcoming , it looks like two more of the team's roster have joined in the fun. Filming is currently underway in bonny Scotland, and one eagle-eyed fan spotted and returning from their outer space adventures in .

We always knew that and wouldn't fall victim to the Grandmaster or Hela, however, it now looks like their return to Earth will be much earlier than expected. Over the past few weeks we have seen the likes of Vision, Scarlet Witch, Iron Man, and Spider-Man on set, however, it looks like Hemsworth and Ruffalo have joined Captain America and Falcon up North.

Having A Thorgy

The uber-fan took to Twitter to say that meeting the stars was the best moment of her life, while also confirming that they were in Edinburgh. What is significant is that the Scottish city clearly has a big part to play in Infinity War and that it will likely be an Earth location. Interestingly, Ruffalo rarely does any "Hulk" scenes on set, so it suggests that it could involve the team strategizing rather than an action-heavy sequence with the Emerald Giant.

The Scotland shoot is set to go on for around six months and has already teased the arrival of the Black Order — the team of henchmen that Thanos first used in the Infinity storyline from 2013. Elsewhere, Anthony Mackie reportedly wrapped his filming as Falcon in Edinburgh just days before Chris Evans arrived to do his bit as (a non-evil) Captain America.

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Hulking Up The Cast

'The Avengers' [Credit: Disney]
'The Avengers' [Credit: Disney]

The Guardians crew of Chris Pratt and co. have mainly been filming their Infinity War scenes in Atlanta, while it seems that the current Avengers proportion are setting up shop in Scotland. We also know that a nearby cathedral has been turned into an unknown location, so could this be a temporary base for Earth's Mightiest Heroes? Whatever happens, with the various cast members so scattered, don't expect Infinity War to be quite the team road trip that we expected.

As for Thor and Hulk, it is the first time we have seen them back on Earth since 2015's Age of Ultron, but adding Hemsworth and Ruffalo certainly means that Infinity War is "hulking not sulking" with two of the strongest members of the team. While we will have to wait until Ragnarok's November release to find out how the duo come crashing back down to Earth, expect it to be in a blaze of glory and the swing of a hammer (get out the super glue).

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