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We've seen very little of the Incredible Hulk and his destructive shenanigans ever since he took a break from the spotlight back in 2015, ditching the Avengers and hitching a ride in Ultron's ship. Fortunately, the misunderstood big softie will finally return to the big screen with Thor: Ragnarok, teaming up with his godly coworker to save the universe from Hela.

Ragnarok is still a few months away, but fret not, fellow geeks, because we have something to feed our craving for more smashing action. The automobile manufacturer Renault released an awesome trailer for its new 2018 Captur, and it stars the Hulk himself, as he races to save Brazil from a falling satellite. Yes, it's as weird and awesome as it sounds. Check it out:

Those are some impressive visuals for a car commercial, especially when Hulk punched the satellite right in the middle. This CGI is good enough for a Marvel movie!

One would think that Hulk's temperament wouldn't make him a good candidate to stand the frustratingly long hours of working in a commercial, but that's not the case. In fact, he's becoming kind of a TV star.

This Isn't The First Time Hulk's Been A Commercial Star

During last year's Super Bowl, Marvel and Coca-Cola released a commercial featuring running away from the Hulk, as both powerhouses fought over a can of Coke:

It's fun to see that companies use the Hulk's rampaging nature to sell their products, but who can blame them? The guy definitely brings the excitement.

We'll get to see the big green meanie next in , which hits theaters on November 3, 2017.

Would you like to see more Hulk commercials? Let me know in the comments!


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