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After dividing the Avengers in Captain America: Civil War, Marvel Studios has made three movies (Doctor Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Spider-Man: Homecoming) which have featured the scattered superheroes through cameos and after-credit sequences. However, the only one who has been kept in utmost secrecy and away from all the visible realms in the MCU is Hulk a.k.a. Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo).

As the green-skinned rage monster was last seen in Age of Ultron, switching off the comms and floating off into the horizon in a Quinjet, fans have been expecting him to show up in some shape or form. Although a blatant misdirection by Fury hinted at the possibility of Banner hiding in Fiji, Thor: Ragnarok's first trailer revealed that he was chilling on a different planet altogether.

So, when asked about what he has been doing, Ruffalo revealed that even though he was initially captured, Hulk has climbed Sakaar's social ladder thanks to his infinite strength:

"We had to basically figure out what happened, how he got there. He was captured like Thor was -- that's how he knows Valkyrie, and she becomes his coach along the way. He becomes the champion, they love him. He ends up beating the beast that the bed was made out of. That's the previous champion! He tore him in half, and made him his headboard. You do all that."

The entire bed is the mandible of Hulk's last opponent. (Credit: Marvel Studios)
The entire bed is the mandible of Hulk's last opponent. (Credit: Marvel Studios)

As it has been reported that Fury's misinformation regarding Hulk was a knee-jerk reaction to a rumor, it's safe to assume that the Quinjet had actually flown off into space – thereby leading to Hulk's capture. Considering how the Grandmaster loves his little gladiator matches, he must've employed the to take part in it, causing him to become Sakaar's most beloved warrior. In addition to that, as Ruffalo has revealed that Banner has been Hulk for two years, this extended transformation must have allowed him to utilize all his anger and show no restraint while fighting, and thus obtain a new headpiece for his bed.

So, all those fans who were expecting a bed-related story from the movie's source material (Planet Hulk) have to wait until opts for an R-rating.

Bruce Banner had a girlfriend on Sakaar called Caiera. 'Planet Hulk' (Credit: Marvel Comics)
Bruce Banner had a girlfriend on Sakaar called Caiera. 'Planet Hulk' (Credit: Marvel Comics)

As the production and distribution rights for Hulk (between Marvel, and ) is a little complicated, Marvel Studios is allowed to show the gamma-charged giant only when he's sharing the screen-time with another superhero. However, when such feats of strength are teased in the movies, fans can only wish for the studios to straighten out these intricacies and provide the stand-alone movie that Ruffalo's Hulk deserves.

Do you think Hulk will steal Thor's thunder in Thor: Ragnarok? Let me know in the comments.

(Source: Cinemablend)


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