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Hulu is taking Halloween to the next level in 2017. Not content merely to present a catalogue of great horror films, the streaming service has created The House: A Hulu Halloween Anthology, which as the title suggests, is an original anthology of horror shorts.

The House series spins a wild tale about how wood from the Tree of Knowledge (you know, from the Garden of Eden) became part of the first haunted house, and what happened as that building haunted humanity for centuries thereafter. There's old-school movie horror, ritual murder, and even sci-fi. You can read more about that here, but this is the short description from Hulu:

Constructed from the wood of the Tree of Knowledge, The House moves through time and space, seeking out evil. Step inside its walls and be exposed to the horrors it contains – the house is an interdimensional prison of terror that holds hostage to dark spirits, demons, and tragedies.

Not content to let the story live in a traditional 2D space, the Huluween VR experience complements the short film set, with the a haunted living room environment – currently available on Gear and Playstation – as a hub for the entire spooky setup. (The VR can be previewed in Hulu’s own VR app as well.)

[Credit: Hulu]
[Credit: Hulu]

The haunted living room looks like it was torn right out of a gothic manor; it's dominated by a fireplace and ghostly portraits, with an 8mm film projector throwing out flickering images of horror, and ghosts appearing in the corners.

The room previews parts of the short film series — important easter eggs from three of the five shorts can be seen in various areas of the VR space – and there are other bizarre elements. Keep an eye out for the doll that seems to have a life of its own, unless you’re really freaked out by dolls. But if that’s the case you probably won’t be able to quit looking at it.

[Credit: Hulu]
[Credit: Hulu]

The five short films in The House: A Hulu Halloween Anthology can all be viewed through the living room VR portal, and there are two original VR exclusives lurking in that space, too: The Reckoning and The Tower, both created by celebrated VR studio Wevr.

'The Reckoning' is a first-person POV experience that puts viewers into the shoes of “a serial killer confronted by the specters of past victims.” What that really means is that the VR puts you on your knees in the center of a chalked-in sacrificial circle as ghosts from your past taunt and prod from just beyond boundary.

The story acts as an extension to The House short 'Let Us In,' which shows what happens when two cult members break into the wrong house. Check out that short below:

'The Tower,' meanwhile, is a third person story that branches off from the sci-fi short Seven Moons, in which “a quest for fortune becomes a struggle for survival when a group of astronauts lands on a harsh alien planet seeking seeds from the Tree of Knowledge.” The Tower puts viewers into a control tower on that alien planet, to give a different perspective on the story, with a claustrophobia-inducing set design to put you into the alien space.

The House VR experience will also allow you to preview other VR on Hulu, such as The Exorcist 360 experience, and titles like Burlap, Longing for Wilderness, Happy Campers, and SONAR.


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