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Inspired by passionate fans and some of the most famous animated characters ever conceived, fan artist Tamtamdi has been transforming Pokémon into humans for quite some time.

The process, referred to as Gijinka in Japanese, is a highly popular one and sees artists giving human forms to creatures of all shapes and sizes. But there's something about Tamtamdi's approach to the anthropomorphic process that's wholly original and wonderfully endearing. While we all share a tremendous love for the Pokémon universe, your connection to these particular pocket monsters is about to get a whole lot deeper.

Who Knew Pokémon Could Look So Good In Human Form?

The numbers next to the Pokémon correspond to their entry in the Pokédex. This here is part 2, so for part 1 be sure to jump on over here!

38. Ninetails

39. Jigglypuff

40. Wigglytuff

41. Zubat

42. Golbat

43. Oddish

44. Gloom

45. Vileplum

46. Paras

47. Parasect

48. Venonat

49. Venomoth

50. Diglett

51. Dugtrio

52. Meowth

53. Persian

54. Psyduck

55. Golduck

56. Mankey

57. Primeape

58. Growlithe

59. Arcanine

60. Poliwag

61. Poliwhirl

62. Poliwrath

63. Abra

64. Kadabra

65. Alakazam

66. Machop

67. Machoke

68. Machamp

69. Bellsprout

70. Weepinbell

71. Victreebel

72. Tentacool

73. Tentacruel

74. Geodude

75. Graveler

76. Golem

77. Ponyta

78. Rapidash

79. Slowpoke

Which one did you like the most?

For more on the world of Pokémon, check out this awesome Pokémon Sun and Moon trailer below!


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