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The 1999 cult classic Human Traffic nails it on the head with its portrayal of ‘90s dance/rave culture. Watching the movie's intro again will instantly take you back to this iconic era. I couldn’t help but jump out of my chair and start busting it out around my lounge room to Fatboy Slim’s "Build It Up Tear It Down" track:

What makes Human Traffic so enduring is how relatable each character's story is to the viewer. We see our own tight-knit group of friends and all their crazy antics candidly revealed to us on screen — and we love it!

With the announcement of a sequel in the works, it's time to revisit what made the original such a phenomenal success. Trust me, watching the below clips will have jumping on the coffee table cutting shapes in no time.

"He who dares, my son! He who dares!"

1. The Tarzan And Jane Of Jungle Music

It seems at one time or another, everyone has attempted a spin on the wheels of steel. Jumping on the decks on Sunday morning was how it was done. When it comes to jungle tracks, I have to agree with the jungle massive crew in this clip. After a wicked piece of jungle swings in, it’s time to turn into a madman wherever you are.

2. No One Cares About Peter Andre

Moff is a genuine brother from another mother with his loose and scattered take on the world. Reality is all about perspective, and for Moff, he uniquely sees the world with clear eyes.

Moff: "I'm making love to the music man. And believe me, I can go all night."

3. Trying To Talk To Parents

They say men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. What planet do you think Ravers are from? Trying to sit down and have a normal conversation with friends and family can be more than either party can bare.

4. Getting Excited About The Weekend

The recurring cycle of Monday regret and Wednesday blues is a heavy one. Occasionally there can be hesitation when deciding to do it all again. With friends like Jip and Moff, the choice is never in question.

Who hasn’t been Jip and Moff revving each other up before a night out?

"I said, nice on bruvva!"

5. Understanding The Effects Of Drugs

Human Traffic rightly attempts to balance the glorification of a drug-fueled lifestyle with the sombre reality that there will be consequences. Drugs are bad, m'kay. Like all things, it’s best to be informed before making the leap.

6. It’s Party Time

Everyone’s bags are packed and you are all your way to the club. The undeniable energy everyone feels towards the night ahead is electric. Any hesitations about the night’s proceedings by this point are well forgotten.

7. Reminiscing About The Good Old Days

It feels like a right of passage for an aging clubber to complain about how things have changed. When this cliche conversation finally presents itself there are only two options:

  • Let the youngsters have a turn, or
  • Step up and own it, glow sticks and all.

8. The Art Of Spliff Politics

Spliff politics is a precariously hard tightrope to cross. The owner of a spliff knows the prize they have in their hands all too well. Proximity to the spliff, along with a swag of silky smooth anecdotes are normally the quickest ways to a purple haze of success.

9. Those Random Conversations

To take a random conversation to the 'nth degree with a total stranger is standard practice on a big night out. Who knows, maybe George Lucas thought up Star Wars around a kitchen table while chopping up?

"The Emperor wants to control outer space, Yoda wants to explore inner space."

10. What Goes Up, Must Come Down

Standard protocol for a successful night is to leave before the sun comes up. It’s all fine and dandy under the veil of darkness. In daylight however, people look weird, your surroundings look dirty and you wish you were somewhere else.

What A Ride

The ‘90s seem like a lifetime ago. It was a privilege to be part of it. Weekends could never come quick enough to escape our demeaning jobs and seemingly unfulfilling lives. We could always rely on the excitement of the weekend to make sense of it all i.e. the tunes, the clubs and most importantly — our friends.

After watching Human Traffic again, the self-control required not to grab the phone and call a babysitter is immense. The music, atmosphere and emotions of such an iconic time feels like it was yesterday.

Human Traffic remains to this day the most accurate depiction of ‘90s dance culture. I am glad so many of us made it through unscathed. Even though the records are on the shelf and the wheels of steel safely packed away in the cupboard, the shuffling still continues — it’s too much fun embarrassing the kids.

Ready to do it all again with Human Traffic 2?


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