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Mark Newton

Massive monsters fighting massive robots might not sound like the most sophisticated affair, but I know for a fact all the greats of literary history would have loved 's Pacific Rim.

It's got drama. It's got sacrifice. It's about the people of the world coming together to build an indomitable human spirit against astronomical adversarial odds. It's also got robots rocket-punching [email protected] massive monsters in the face! I mean, come on! How can you got love that! Check out the latest TV spot below:

(via Latino Review)

OK, so it didn't show anything that we haven't already seen in the trailer, but I will never get tired of watching that down-right awesome jet-fuel-assisted-face-smash. I'm literally quivering with excitement, and usually I don't get excited about anything.

What do you think? Will Pacific Rim prove to be the greatest work of art created by our humble species, or is it just Transformers for people who don't want to admit they secretly love Transformers? Let me know what you think below.


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