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Did you really hope for an I Am Legend 2? Well, after reading these insane sequel ideas, you might be glad they left it at a single movie.

Apparently Hollywood were keen to capitalize on the success of I Am Legend with a sequel also staring . I know what you're thinking: "But how is that even possible, Smith died in the original?!" Well, there's an obvious answer to this, and I don't think you're going to like it... cloning...

That's right, in a new interview with io9, producer and I Am Legend writer Akiva Goldsman laid out some of the ideas they had for a sequel or prequel. Some of them sound pretty good, but the others are just downright crazy. See what he had to say below:

I mean, we wrote a prequel [and] a sequel. We had a really interesting prequel, which was the first outbreak of the virus, during a Thanksgiving Day parade, which was awesome. We did a really interesting prequel that [took place] later. Which was right after the first... really right when the population of of humans became pretty decimated. And it was this sort of trek to Washington. Which included a dark seeker elephant that had broken out of the zoo.

Then we did a sequel, that started with Neville again — and you realized that he was cloned. We've tried every which way. In fact if you're available you could be in the next movie. It will never happen but we really enjoyed trying to make it happen.

Did I read that right? A vampire elephant? I can't decide whether that's the best or worst thing I've ever heard.

Perhaps we shouldn't really be too surprised the writers had these insane ideas. I Am Legend didn't exactly follow the premise of Richard Matheson's brilliantly claustrophobic novel either.

What do you think? Are you incredibly glad or disappointed these ideas never made it to fruition? Let us know below.



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