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I'm 56 years old, work at an I-80 rest stop and I'm a Hiddlestoner! Can't help it, its the dimples and he's gorgeous!
Susan Dolan

Whether or not this ever becomes a viable story line for Loki really depends on the end of Thor: The Dark World and if Loki dies at the end in battle with the Dark elves.
While redeeming himself in the eyes of his adoptive parents may be on Loki’s mind, I think that more realistically, getting one up on and showing just how pathetic Thor is, while humiliating the thunder god is really what he has in mind. Still trying to prove “That I am the worthy son!” Remember how p oed he was because he couldn’t pull Miolnir out of the ground, “Who so ever is worthy…”, and yes Miolnir is really the name of Thor’s hammer, if you don’t believe me “Look that one up in your Funk & Wagnall Standard Dictionary of Folklore, Mythology, and Legend”.

Remember he still has Thanos to worry about and he is worried. However if Loki dies at the end of THOR 2 you can be sure it will be spectacular, the more spectacular the better. It will suit Loki’s plans to escape both a return to prison and Thanos.

Using every last ounce of will power and his magic arts (secretly learned from Queen Carnilla of Nornhiem who is a witch and The Enchantress, his occasional lover who's also a witch) he takes on the image of others (Spoiler Alert, Chris Evan’s Captain America shows up at the end but it’s really Loki in disguise) and creating an uncountable number of Doppelgangers of himself and flings them magically across the nine realms while he himself disappears.

Disappears to where? The last place in the universe where anybody would think of looking for him: Earth. New York City is still trying to dig its way out of the destruction wrought by the invading Ch’ Tari. Hundreds of thousands are still listed as missing and presumed dead while survivors, having lost everything (homes, jobs) and are depending on thinly stretched aid to barely get by. Winding up in the streets or abandoned buildings, or in mission shelters that have sprung up as their last resort before caving in to hopelessness. At one such homeless shelter a volunteer is attacked by a raven and finds a naked man curled up by the dumpster while taking out the trash one cold frosty November day and runs back in to tell Ellie and Mike Devlin, the divorced couple (they grew up as kids next door and got married but that turned out to be a big mistake, as they refer to it, as after the death of their only child, a son Logan, their marriage fell apart but they remained good friends. Mike had become an alcoholic, wound up at the shelter, where he sobers up. El winds up at the same shelter because she’s unemployed and homeless.) that manage the place for three local churches about the strange man. Rushing out to check out the volunteer’s story, and yes indeed, there is a naked man by the dumpster and he’s still alive. Sending somebody to quickly get blankets they wrap him up snuggly and bring him into the shelter and after setting him on an empty bed start to massage his hands and feet to avoid frost bite. It’s a young man, long black hair, and he’s unconscious. No one at the shelter has ever seen him before and nothing that could identify him was found by the dumpster.

For several days the young man is unconscious then when he wakes up they find out he can’t speak. By the process of elimination they determine that he isn’t deaf, just mute, and Ellie, or El as she prefers to be called, determines to teach him sign language from out of books and a chart with the sign language alphabet. She discovers he’s a fast learner and he seems to learn a lot faster from coaching from one of the shelter’s regulars, a girl named Rosa Angelita. Rosa tells him that roses are her favourite flower and she likes this old song by Aretha Franklin called “A Rose in Spanish Harlem”. Rosa takes a shine to this young man who seems to have feeling for her as well. (So much so, that after being caught in an intimate situation by El and Mike in a hot house on the mission roof that grows vegetables, Rosa and “Logan” are asked if they really do love each other or just playing house like overgrown kids. Both claim to love each other and El gets them married by a local Priest whose lucky enough to have a secretary who can speak in sign language.) He’s been dubbed “Logan”, as he resembles the couple’s late son who died in the Iraq war. Mike and El both were marines and both served in Desert Storm. El tells “Logan” about her family one day as she shows him photos of her son Logan and about her perfect sister and how she could never do anything right like her sister. Then she tells him how much she grew to hate her sister until a school councillor advised her to step out from her sister’s shadow and get a life of her own and quit worrying about what others think of you. El tells him it was the best advice she ever got and actually found herself happier when she quit trying to be something she wasn’t and be what she was.

Both Mike and El have a hobby of throwing knives at targets set up in an abandon building across the alley from the shelter and one day “Logan” goes with them. Then Mike shows “Logan” how to throw a knife and their both astonished at his throwing skill and can’t believe he’s so good. El tells “Logan” he’s a natural and that Mike finally has met someone better than him but not as good as her as she picks up a machete and throwing it, blade horizontal, cuts their knives in half to score a bull’s-eye. At that point as they pick up their knives to go back to the shelter, a raven sits on a broken window ledge and watches them until they leave. From this point on “Logan” begins to have strange dreams of himself dressed in strange clothing in a wonderfully beautiful land with people that he can’t make out well but somehow he feels he should know. El theorizes that “Logan” suffered severe trauma during the invasion and is only now remembering bits and pieces of his past. El begins treating him as if he actually were her son, but they both know he’s not as Mike, her ex-husband keeps reminding her. She starts to question “Logan” on where did he come from, where are his folks but he insists that he doesn’t remember anything prior to waking up in the bed they put him in. While he stays at the shelter “Logan” helps out with caring for the residents and becomes a favourite with them. El has been scrolling down through the almost never ending list of the dead and missing since they found “Logan” from a computer site set up by billionaire Tony Stark to help people find their lost love ones after the raid by the Ch’ Tari to try and find “Logan’s” family as she keeps telling her ex-husband that he belongs to someone out there who would probably like to know he’s still alive.

Things at the shelter are rough but they get worse. In the aftermath of the invasion, gangs and thugs started to rule the streets, nobody goes outside at night for any reason, and there’s always the fear of gang wars for territory. One ruthless gang leader has decided to run the shelter out of his turf, because they also help addicts and prostitutes try and get better lives (one of them being Rosa) and out of the neighbourhood. One night the shelter is attacked and Mike is seriously hurt and hospitalized. With the throwing knives that El and Mike saved up to get him, “Logan” kills several gang members before they run off. In anger, because the police seemingly won’t do anything only because there are not enough of them to go around in order to be able to do anything, “Logan” leaves El and Rosa to go back to the shelter. He gathers up every knife that he can find and starts tracking down the gang members till he gets to the boss. The gang leader is glad “Logan” came to him as it saves him time in tracking “Logan” down to kill him to get back at him for the deaths of some of his gang members during the raid. Like a scythe threw wheat, “Logan” cuts, slashes and throws his knives through the gang until only the leader is left, wounded and dying possibly. “Logan” decides to let him live as his anger has abated and he sees no more reason to stay. “Logan” regains his voice and warns the gang leader that if he should value his detestable hide he should stay away from the shelter. But as “Logan” turns to leave, the gang leader pulls a gun from a dead member’s hand and tries to take aim at “Logan” but a raven cawing from an broken window behind him catches “Logan’s” attention and a knife to the throat finishes him off.

Now knowing who he really is and knowing that he can no longer stay with these people who’ve come to mean so much to him, “Logan” goes back to the hospital to tell them they no longer have to worry about the gang and that he has to go. Their amazed at the fact that he can talk and they want to know why he’s leaving them. Rosa tells him not to go because she loves him and insists on going with him when he tells her it’s impossible for him to stay. This is when he reveals himself to be Loki of Asguard and the leader of the invasion and magically changes his clothes to prove to them that he is indeed the monster that nearly destroyed New York. He tells Rosa he cannot take her with him as he’s returning to Asguard and to a prison. He in no way will subject her to the pity and condescension of patronizing members of his “Father’s” court. At that point Loki uses his magic to heal Mike‘s wounds and restore him to complete health. He tells them he must leave as the ruthless Thanos has spies searching the Nine Realms for him. Rosa throws her arms around his neck crying for him to stay as “Those Avengers would help you if we asked them to.” Loki smiles sadly and says why should they when he tried to kill every one of them. He forces her arms off from around his neck and tells her the only safe place for him is an Asguardian prison, where he deserves to be. Then he disappears in front of them only to appear in Odin’s throne room while the All Father is holding court. With gasps and cries of surprise from all gathered and his despised step brother, the Lady Sif, and the Warriors Three stepping forth to be attack ready should Loki try anything treacherous. With a smart assed smile on his face, he sarcastically thanks them all for mourning for him but he has no interest in anything or anyone except going back to his prison cell where he can enjoy some peace and quiet and catch up on his reading.

With the echoing thud of his great war spear Odin silences the crowd as his two ravens fly into the room cawing. They take their places on either side of the cross guard of the great Odinsword which holds back the doom of Ragnarok, as Odin pardons Loki, to gasps of amazement and receives him back into the family. He tells Loki he has been watching him and knows of his deeds on Earth, of the humans he befriended and that he needn’t fear Thanos as he is once again under the protection of Asguard. Loki begs the All Father’s permission to go back to his room where he finds The Enchantress is waiting for him. She’s angry with him and yet overjoyed to see him which she then proceeds to show him how much she missed him. Loki takes the idiom ‘Mentally undressing her’ to a new level.

So ends the Loki trilogy and not only does Loki have more fan girls than the Titular hero, he even gets the girls at the end. Even Hiddleston would enjoy the irony of that.
If Thor: Ragnarok doesn’t have Thanos in it I think I’ll scream. After all, come on, if they weren’t going to use Thanos in The Avengers: Age Of Ultron, then why put him in the end credits at the end of the movie in the first place? We all know Thanos wants Loki’s head on a silver platter so he better be in THOR 3 or Marvel and Disney may hear some very loud screams of raging disappointment and discontent. (Some of it from me.)
Unlike most, I don’t want Loki in Avengers 3, as with the last Fantastic Four movies (where played The Human Torch) Doctor Doom wore out his welcome, and we who have been FF fans for years know they have plenty of adversaries to go around (Moleman, Molecule Man, The Kree, The Skrulls {including The Super Skrull}). The same with the Avengers there’s always The Circus of Crime, The Masters of Evil (where Ultron disguised himself as The Black Hood and was their leader), Arkon the Magnificent, The Sons of The Serpent, etc.



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