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Anna Mary Reuben

Megastar Brad Pitt turned 50 yesterday but we can barely believe it. I mean, he looks hotter than most actors half his age. See below how he wipes the competition off the table...

Brad Pitt (50) Vs. Robert Pattinson (27)

The Twilight star may be popular with the girls, but Brad's the one for the ladies.

Brad Pitt (50) Vs. Taylor Lautner (21)

The Werewolf hunk may have the tan... but he still doesn't look as good as Brad at 50.

Brad Pitt (50) VS Josh Hutcherson (21)

The Hunger Games actor has nothing on the enviably evergreen hunk that is Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt (50) Vs. Zac Efron (26)

Try as he might, Zac can't seem to rise to Brad's level of good looks. Even if Brad is dressed as a gangster-pirate.

Brad Pitt (50) Vs. Liam Hemsworth (23)

The Hunger Games' Liam might have Brad-style chiseled features... but let's admit it, even as a homeless Rasta he can't beat Brad when it comes to pure hotness.

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