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Alisha Grauso

Are you a fan of Star Wars? Looking forward to Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens with eager anticipation? Have you read the entire canon? Watched and own every single film? Had a lightsaber battle with your best friend and filmed it for YouTube? Have maybe created a homemade Twi'lek costume and rocked it loud and proud to Comic-Con?

I laugh at your puny accomplishments.

For lo, the internet has given us our new Dark Overlord of Nerddom. His name is Barry, and unlike you, sacrificing merely your time and possibly your dignity, he has sacrificed his entire living room for the sake of turning it into a giant Battle of Hoth diorama. Because nothing makes lady panties drop like spending a small fortune and sacrificing a good portion of the livable part of your house for the glory that is Star Wars.

And ladies, Barry isn't f'ing around. When I say he's turned his entire living room into a giant Battle of Hoth diorama (or "Hoth dio" as you'll see he calls it in the below video), I mean he's filled 128 of the 140 square feet of his living room with this mind-blowingly detailed homage and he's not done yet.

From the snow to the realistic weathering of the Walkers, it's damned impressive.

Barry has inspired me. I think from now on when screening each prospective boyfriend, I'm simply going to ask him whether or not he has a giant, Star Wars-inspired diorama in his house. If he says no, he is clearly not the man for me.


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