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Following a meek entry into its first week at the box office- where it came in at sixth place due to the abysmal reviews- it doesn’t seem likely that I, Frankenstein will gain a new franchise.

One of the creators of both series did reveal to Fangoria however, that there once had been murmurings for a merging between I, Frankenstein and Underworld.

Fangoria spoke to original scribe , where they asked him if there was any chance for the universe to be combined with that in Underworld. Here was his reply:

Well, in one of the versions:

I added a little tag, like Marvel does, where Adam [the “monster” played by ([person:49163]] in I, Frankenstein) met Selene (’s vampire heroine from Underworld), and it was great. But [Lakeshore] didn’t understand it. They didn’t like that part, but to me, that made the whole thing. That would have allowed us to extend both franchises. But, you know, I’m a creator, and producers aren’t necessarily like that, you know what I’m saying? They only go with what they can understand.

Have you had a chance to see I, Frankenstein yet? If so then would you have liked to have seen the two worlds collide?

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