ByRobert Monarque, writer at
Robert Monarque

So after the recent success of the Man of Steel by Zack Snyder, many rumors have surfaced about the proposed Justice League Part One film. Now we true comic fans will always love the classic story arcs of our favorite heroes (both DC and Marvel). Who could forget Knightfall , Flashpoint, All Star Superman, Blackest Night, Marvel’s Civil War, World War Hulk, & Infinity Gauntlet? But we all need to remember there are kids who go to see these films fresh like we all once did. The kids of this next generation haven’t been around to read the comics, so they would not appreciate the complexity of the stories above. As the older generation, we should appreciate that these films are being made now and get the respect they deserve.

My opinion on the JL movie is that Warner Bros. shouldn't worry about what Marvel is doing. The fans want to see these movies made, not thrown around for a few more years when the hype is old and Marvel is 5 more films ahead. Just make it happen; start fresh or use the Man of steel platform. I say Dual hero movies are the way to go. Batman/Superman, Wonder Woman/Aquaman, Green Lantern/Green Arrow, The flash as a stand alone and use JL to introduce Martian Manhunter. Warner Bros. really needs to shell it out for this JL film because the fans crave it. I personally am a DC comics guy, I prefer the darker heroic tragedies. I also love Marvel- I’m an all around geek and it's awesome!


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