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The big question fans of The Vampire Diaries are asking this week? Could being back on set bring and back together?

Sorry to all their fans, the current consensus is NO!

And will there be drama? Looks like it's another resounding NO.

Here's what various 'sources' have to say about their return to the set of the CW fan favorite. One of these 'ultra-authentic sources' told Celeb Dirty Laundry that "Nina and Ian are back in touch after several months spent apart" but this "means that they are doing everything possible to keep things as least awkward as possible." So, no inclination of either romance or aggravation there.

Then another mysterious 'source' has told Entertainmentwise, "I think you become really good friends with that person when you see them every day anyway so I think they obviously knew that getting into a relationship. But I don’t think it would be awkward for [Ian and Nina]. They are both well rounded people."

In fact, the gossip websites are unanimous here, which makes me think this could end up being quite the non-story over the course of the season. A drama-free breakup? Of two highly attractive young Hollywood stars? On set together? Not even a reconciliation? NO WAY!

But and might...maybe...make it Hollywood's most mature breakup yet! Which is good for them - it's much better to be cordial with an ex than endure daily tissues-at-dawn. For the gossip mongers, it's not quite so good. Personally, I'm glad for them. Gossip don't trump happiness...sorry guys!

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