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The Vampire Diaries star offered a fan his ex-girlfriend 's phone number at Comic-Con over the weekend, in what could only be described as an awkward moment!

The couple, who split earlier this year, may be acting civilly towards each other, but that doesn't mean there isn't room for a little cringe-fest now and again.

According to E! News, Nina jokingly asked of her promiscuous Vampire Diaries character, "Is there anyone Elena hasn't made out with?" when an audience member shouted "Me!" Ian replied, "Give me your number. I'll set you up." Ouch.

Somerhalder's gawky remark came just after the pair had attempted to avoid one another in the press room. The same source is reporting that:

Ian showed up and Nina showed up shortly after. She saw Ian was right in front of her and went away, then came back a little later so they were spaced out a bit more during press-line interviews.

So, will their reunion be enough to make them start dating again? I strongly doubt it. What about you, any glimmer of hope here?


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