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Shippers of Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev hope that The Vampire Diaries thesps will be spending their Christmas together. But how likely is it that it could actually happen?

Dobrev, who plays Elena in the popular CW show, has been busy posting pictures of herself and bezzie Julianne Hough all over social media sites. Like this:

She's even been hitting the slopes with her former squeeze, Derek Hough:

Likewise, it looks like the Smolder-holder has also been busy with non-Dobrev-related plans. Keeping it nice-guy (like the Ian we know and love), he's taken to Twitter to encourage his fans to think of others over the festive season:

But although it looks like the Vampire Diaries stars are doing their own things for Christmas this year, CelebDirtyLaundry is reporting that the pair might actually be spending some quality time together:

Whatever Ian and Nina now share is most certainly going to remain private but from what we're hearing, they will be making time for each other this Christmas holiday season.

Wouldn't that just be a Christmas dream come true? You guys are the number one on and off-screen couple EVER! What do you Nina and Ian shippers think? Are the couple secretly back together?



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