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Alisha Grauso

Former hottest couple ever, and have maintained radio silence on all forms of social media from each other, despite the assertions that things wouldn't get weird on the set of The Vampire Diaries in the wake of their break-up earlier this summer.

(Sidenote: HOW did they never get one of those trendy celebship mash-up nicknames like Ninan or Ianina or Dobrehalder? ...Okay, maybe I can see why.)

But they broke the silence the other day, with Somerhalder sharing an image on his Twitter account (@iansomerhalder) with Nina retweeting it a short time later:

Ian is always just stunning, but I like what Paul Wesley is rocking with his whole, uh, face thing lately. The disgustingly beautiful trio looked mighty cozy with each other. Is this a sign that Nina and Ian have moved past the awkward, hurt phase of their break up and are cool with each other? Are they putting on happy faces to reassure fans it won't affect the show? Or does this mean they might be reconciling and kicking around the idea of getting back together?

Only time will tell, but let's root for them to make it work.


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