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Sophie Atkinson

There's only a few days until the new season of The Vampire Diaries hits the small screen, and and are pulling out all the stops in a DIY Twitter-friendly publicity campaign.

The photogenic former real-life lovers (and current couple, at least fictionally, on The Vampire Diaries) have been posting a countdown on their individual Twitter pages.

Ian posted a picture of his hand showing four fingers yesterday, tweeting the caption '4 days LEFT till ' but Nina soon beat him to it by posting his message on her page and adding:

'3 days left now!!! Just woke up for early set call for TVD :)'

Ian fought back by posting a picture of himself holding up a piece of paper with the number 3 on it.

He tweeted 'In the interest of Saving paper...3 MORE DAYS till .'

Ian recently opened up about Damon and Elena’s relationship in the new season. In an interview for The CW, the actor said:

"Damon sort of got the girl. He's feeling pretty good about that."

He continued: "It is Mystic Falls and no one can be happy for very long. I'm imagining for as much happiness as Damon's gonna get, he's going to get equal parts dark."

Guys, how excited are you for the new season? A bit excited? Twitter excited? Or too-hyper-to-sleep-just-like-before-Christmas-Day excited?


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