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Ian Somerhalder has been showing us the juxtaposition between his rock hard muscles and delicate, philosophy reading soul in Annex Man this week.

Ian Somerhalder shows us mere mortals how to do sexy

The The Vampire Diaries star treated us to some freshly snapped eye-candy along with some more poetic musings about his take on life and style. When asked about how he spends his spare time delivered a monologue to make pretentious teenage girls the world over reach for the smelling salts. The actor claims he can generally be found;

Immersed in the worn pages of philosophy or a great work of fiction, taking in the hum of crickets and wilderness, and surrounded by the people I love. Simple joys in this life we tend to forget are even there.


Somerhalder also gave us a taste of his smouldering style with a modest assessment of his everyday lookbook;

For day to day looks, my style is themed around effortless comfort. I’ll often hear ‘Beauty is pain’ and that couldn’t be further from the truth for me! If I enjoy the texture and I connect with the story behind the piece–be it sustainable harvesting, manufacturing,distribution or a “giving back” component from that company, I will feel confident and comfortable wearing that item.

While I am very pleased that Somerhalder doesn't find his magnificent beauty a constant source of pain, I'm not sure how texture features as his number one preference in a garment. Luckily, the fabulous hunk always manages to feel his way around a hot new look.

What do you guys think of Somerhalder's confident and comfortable style in these smokin' modeling pics?

(Source: Just Jared via Annexman)



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