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Sophie Atkinson

Ian Somerhalder, you jokester! Knowing that every gossip columnist in Tinseltown is on lockdown, waiting for the incorrigible tease to open up about his love life (or even better, his sex life), the Vampire Diaries actor took the opportunity to bait his Twitter followers with an innuendo-laden tweet stating he 'can't wait to sleep with her'.

WHO?! howled a million Ian Smoulder-halder fans around the globe at the moon before disappearing en masse to ravage a village. They needn't have worried: the her in question isn't a sexy new lover, but a brand spanking new trailer. Surely you'd be sleeping IN not with her then, eh Ian? Silly rabbit.

Ian Somerhalder tweeted: "I got her-cant wait to sleep with her!!! My new sexy silver&recyclable @airstreamtrailer Bambi & going to be pulled by @audi Q5 clean fuel .The old man and I are driving her home-thanks Dad. Really wishing I was going to the Hawaiian Island of Kauai to march w/ my Hawaiian brothers and sisters to protect the land from big Agro/chemicalcompanies.Make it right!Get involved!Lets make laws to protect our lands,waters and our health!"

Would you offer to keep Smoulderhalder company in his slick new trailer? Let our favourite sarky vamp know below.


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