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I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

Even if they HATE it, actors rarely slam their shows in public (that's just you, Angus T.Jones), but it looks like really, really, really likes working on The Vampire Diaries.

Entertainmentwise host Georgie Barrat interviewed Somerhalder prior to his return to the set this week, in which he spoke about his passion for the show. One disclaimer: don't expect any gossip here. Or spoilers. This is just Somerhalder waxing lyrical about how harmonious working on the CW fan favorite is (a.k.a let's bring the attention back to the show, away from my stricken love life!).

Ian got going by responding to Barrat's question of whether he was excited about returning to the set. "Yeah of course. yeah absolutely, Being on a television show, we're going into season 5, we've shot 89 of them we're going into episode 90", he said. Not the most informative of comments, but reminds me - we are close to the milestone 100th episode! It's a big deal in the cutthroat world of network television, so I'm expecting BIG things from that episode.

BUT here's the aww-inducing moment! He stated that it's like being "married" to his co-stars because of all the time they spend together! He continues by saying "being on a television show is sort of like a marriage so it's nice. Lovers need space from their togetherness. Actors need space from their television show. So it's a nice little bit of separation." Working at Mystic Falls sounds like a veritable love-in of good vibes.

And Ian finished by saying: "I'm on that break right now but I am definitely looking forward to going back and seeing my Vampire Diaries family."

So, Ian Somerhalder loves working on The Vampire Diaries. Actually, it makes sense - you do spend a LOT of time together when you work on a network TV show. But surely that much intensity breeds a tinsy, tiny lil' bit of tension too? It can't all be rosy all the time...surely. I'm sure he's telling the truth, but I'm also sure there's a some careful PR being utilized here.

Anyway, it's now not too long until the new season premieres! Expectations for the new season?


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