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is used to fawning fans and teeming millions of admirers. He's not that used to receiving a Twitter burn in which he gets compared negatively to The Vampire Diaries co-star and on-screen brother .

Well, that's exactly what happened on Twitter yesterday, as Twitter user @illumisally bluntly told the actor that Wesley was superior. Ian graciously answered:

I'm sure he is :).

Check the exchange below:

Unperturbed by the comment, Ian later got some backup from a fan who supportingly commented:

No Ian, you both are amazing!

Ian and Paul, who play brothers Damon and Stefan Salvatore respectively on the hit CW show, have formed a strong connection over the course of five seasons of the vampire-themed series. They were even photographed "holding hands", prompting Ian to joke that he and Paul had been "caught out." Apparently, a fan sent him an iPhone cover with that charming image, accompanied by the inscription "Bros before hoes."

While the two bros may be inseparable in the non-fictional plane of reality, on TVD there is a bit worse blood between them. And, of course, Damon's romantic life is now reaching its peak with his relationship with Elena. Touching on that subject, Ian commented in a recent appearance on Live with Kelly and Michael!:

You can’t be too happy in Mystic Falls. He got the girl, finally. It's cute, man. You've got this guy who's a maniacal killer, with the same look on his face whether he's saving a kitten from a tree or ripping your face off, and he’s in love. It's cute... And it's not going to last, probably.

What do you think? Is Paul Wesley really better than Ian Somerhalder?

The Vampire Diaries airs on The CW Thursdays at 8 PM (EST). Via Entertainment Wise.


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