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Who wants to be on 's team?

The Vampire Diaries heartthrob is video advertising The Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF), and is encouraging people to use Goodshop To-Go to support it online.

Goodshop To-Go is a browser extension that allows you to automatically donate up to 20% of your purchases for charity of your choice. It is a free service and it enables you to collect coupons, save money and to donate with every purchase. According to Goodshop To-Go, almost 15 million people have already raised nearly $10 million dollars for over 100,000 schools and non-profits just by using their website.

Seems like The Vampire Diaries star is not only busy playing a malicious bloodsucker in the CW TV series, but in his free time he is also trying to save the world.

If you were planning to do your Christmas shopping online, you might as well check it out and feel good about yourself after spending a lot of money on gifts... After all, Christmas is the right time for generosity.

Take a look at the promo video and decide if you want to be on Somerhalder's team:


You can listen to Somerhalder talking about his foundation here:


(via International Business Times)


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