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Alisha Grauso

The Vampire Diaries heartthrob is a regular player on Twitter, offering all sorts of insights and grateful remarks about life and the love he has for his fellow cast members. His latest was clearly a good night out with those friends he holds so dear, and as always, he decided to wax philosophical about a mundane event.

Okay. I really like Ian Somerhalder, and I think it's fantastic he's such a do-gooder, so involved with charities, and so positive with his outlook, considering most hot actors his age are party and tabloid magnets. But sometimes, don't you just kind of want to shake him a little bit and tell him that Twitter doesn't ALWAYS have to be about "deep" thoughts and philosophizing? All I'm saying is, dude needs to diversify his vocabulary and learn there are words other than "amazing". Make a joke. Tweet a silly pic. Inject some humor. It's alright, Ian. No one will think you're shallow. We promise.


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