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Just when you thought The Vampire Diaries must be close to scraping the barrel of promotional ideas, their knight in shining armour, Ian Somerhalder comes to the rescue!

The undead ultra-babe will be taking to the streets of New Orleans for mardi gras and showering the eager crowds with some clever The Vampire Diaries merchandising. Beads!

The Vampire Diaries beads that will be thrown out by Ian Somerhalder

is serving as the co-grand marshall at the Mari Gras main event, the Krewe of Endymion Parade & Extravaganza. Somerhalder will have more than an army of screaming fans to keep him company though, of The Walking Dead fame will escorting the parade alongside him.

Do you think that TV rival, The Originals will be annoyed The Vampire Diaries are stamping all over their turf?

Are any of you heading to Mardi Gras just to lay eyes on the incredible Ian? If so, grab some beads for me!

(Source: Entertainment Weekly)

Images: Entertainment Weekly and Fan Pop



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