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In a recent interview with Entertainment Wise, actor Ian Somerhalder let slip that his off-screen relationship with co-star Nina Dobrev could have been as difficult as their on-screen love affair.

When prompted to talk about the future of the relationship between Damon and Elena in the The Vampire Diaries, reply made it seem like life had imitated art by saying;

In Mystic Falls he did get her and he’s lucky to have that experience…

but then adding;

Relationships are hard in life.

Although this cryptic quote was all he revealed about his romance with , Somerhalder was prepared to let a little more slip about their on screen relationship by saying;

Relationships are really had in Mystic Falls because if you don’t have conflict, you have no drama and if you have no drama, you have no TV show, so relationships don’t last that long in Mystic Falls.”

(Source: International Business Times via Entertainment Wise)

(Image: Fanpop)


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