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Sarah Gibson

The Vampire Diaries star may spend his on-screen days mauling people for their blood, but in real life, Ian is one warm-hearted guy - with a soft spot for cuddly things (even grumpy ones!)...

If you haven't heard, recently a fan who messaged boyband One Direction on Twitter, threatening to kill her dog if they didn't follow her. In response, Ian got on his angry face and took to the social media site himself...

He responded with this...

...But embarrassingly for poor old Ian, it was all hoax!

Now Perez Hilton is reporting that the whole thing was a MASSIVE LOL at animal lovers' expense! But good for you anyway, Smolder-holder! Even if the whole thing was a hoax, this big softie is clearly so caring that he let himself get swept up in it. And this swooning writer loves him even more for speaking his mind and defending all those cuddly pups!

What do you think of Ian's Twitter campaigning? Isn't he just adorable?!



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