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I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

Wanna know why has such an adoring teen-girl fanbase (and you most likely don't?). He smack-bang-wallop-hits the criteria perfectly. Preposterously hunky? Check. Star of CW TV show? Check. Said TV show is about VAMPIRES? Check.

And to top it all of, given it's the 2010's n all, he keeps busy on his Twitter account. That fanbase is perpetually sated.

Here's what's new this week, and I'll start with the more 'conventional' of tweets. It's a new photo from his new flick The Anomaly tweeted by the film's Twitter account, and before you all gasp in alarm (what if he's in costume? A prophetic mask? NOOOO!), don't worry. That brooding, serious eye gaze is there is full glare. That gaze that he does so well, despite my co-worker saying it looks serial killer-esque. I beg to disagree. Regardless here's the tweet and said photo:

The Anomaly ‏@TheAnomalyMovie 3 Aug Mr @iansomerhalder Without understanding, you've begun to realise @TheAnomalyMovie RT

And he's got a gun! Let's get it started: Somerhalder for Bond 25!

And then, on his own personal account, he tweeted something more radical. Waiiiiit for it...

"My new baby"

WHAAAAAT? SOMERHALDER HAS A CHILD? WITH WHO? Those three words could send his ravenous fanbase into a desperate depression.

Well, everyone can calm down. He's just talking about his new mobile home, being the road trip type o' guy he is. I just cheekily omitted the rest of the tweet for dramatic effect. Sorry guys! Here's the rest of said tweet:

"My new baby Airstream (sic)-getting water tested in the factory. All Led, will use solar-be off the grid. So excited for this, going to live riveted - Me, a river, bottle of Chablis, music. Take it all in... Smile,"

He's always been an advocate for environmental issues, and this sorta mobile home is a green-friendly one. Regardless, it's good to hear he's having a bit of fun, in the downtime between shoots.

So, what did we learn from Somerhalder's tweeting this week? He's got a new mobile home and there's a new photo of The Anomaly online. It's not quite as dramatic as when he got hacked. But we'll cope.

Even better, not one mention of the breakup! No subliminal hints of 'moving on' or anything. He really is getting on with things!

So, . The next question is: where is he going on this road trip? Post your ideas and suggestions below!


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