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Alisha Grauso

After the whole animal cruelty craziness that actor got involved with on Twitter this week, he's back to being his usual sunny, life-loving self:

But it appears all this "grown man business" isn't all fun and games. As former flame and current co-star, , said to TV Guide, sometimes love is hard:

One of the big obstacles [for them], especially for Damon, is to make sure he doesn't f--- it up because he has a tendency to do that whether he means to or not. He's going to try to be on his best behavior and Elena is going to embrace him, but she knows who he is and sometimes that comes to the surface and reminds her. But they'll try to figure it out because love prevails and they want their love to conquer all. They have gone through so much to get to where they are now. If they didn't keep fighting for it, it would be a shame.

Is it just me, or does she sound like that hits a little too close to home?


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