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Need something to keep you occupied until next Thursday's episode of The Vampire Diaries? You're in luck: has been speaking to Zap2it, so we have some reading material for you.

Recently, the residents of Mystic Falls have been going crazy for a cure, and there have certainly been a few moments on the show where it looked like Damon Salvatore wanted to be human again. But, would he ever take the cure? Somerhalder explained:

The last f***ing thing that Damon wants to do is take this cure. There is no point. Why would anybody want that?

He sounds pretty certain. But what if Elena () took it?

Living only for Elena's well-being, security, happiness, and all of that stuff, is starting to become very difficult and dangerous for Damon... He's starting to see that it's really not a good thing for her to take the cure... [But] She wants it.

He'd prefer the two of them live out the rest of eternity traveling and having "a pretty badass life," but if Elena became human again, Stefan () would be the one living happily ever after with her, Ian predicts.

Will we see Damon finally getting some revenge on that creepy Professor Shane ()? The two have been bickering all season. "This guy intrigues Damon. He makes Damon sick, I want to just rip his head off, but there's just too many things preventing him from doing that," Somerhalder revealed. Are things about to get bloody? All these spoilers and I still can't figure it out what's next.

The Vampire Diaries returns next Thursday 8/7c on The CW. Will you be tuning in?


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