BySophie Atkinson, writer at
Sophie Atkinson

You guys, you might think is super sexy because he's a smouldering-eyed, sarky mouthed vampire on The Vampire Diaries.

You're just flat-out wrong. He's a total dreamboat because in his spare time he does a ton of good work for environmental causes and getting teenz involved in volunteering and social activism. Rrrr!

While not all fans may not be aware of his voluntary work, the good folks at Condé Nast Travel have picked up on it and given him their Visionaries Award. This is a huge deal - it's normally given to politicans or businessmen/women like Hilary Clinton and Richard Branson, so for a lowly celebrity to get it means Ian really knows his bizniz.

Check out snaps of Ian looking more radiant than usual, fighting the good fight at Condé Nast...

And yes, that is .


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