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Although you might love The Vampire Diaries' storylines, it seems isn't always so keen. In fact, at the recent Vampire Diaries BloodyNightCon panel in Barcelona, the actor who plays lead vampire Damon Salvatore, said up to half the time he isn't happy with where the story is going. He stated:

It is so much information for the writers to create all this content and the show is so well written but they are the writers and producers and our bosses and we don't have to agree with them much and it's a collaborative process so you are living the dream or the ideas of these other people that you don't necessarily agree with.

Somerhalder went on to explain that, at the moment, he's just not a big enough star to refuse the storylines:

Unless you're a gigantic big shot, you have to do it... About half the time, I'm not happy with what the story is... literally but having said that, that's just me. But when you look at the story as a whole with the episode pieced together, you realise 'Oh wow, there's some really great stuff'.

He also admitted his version of Damon is completely different from that of producer Julie Plec, claiming:

So my vision for Damon and Julie's version for Damon are two totally separate things. But at the end of the day, it all works out.

What do you think? Do you have problems with some of The Vampire Diaries storylines?


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