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I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

Fans of The Vampire Diaries, is back in the building! Filming on the new season of the CW fan favorite got going on Monday and is sending ya'll good vibes. Breakup, what breakup?!

On Monday morning, he prosaically tweeted: "Monday Monday, ba da da da da So good to me... Ba da da da da da". Not sure what to ascertain from that, but come on - Monday morning's have the potential to send us all a lil' doolally. He then posted a super-cute image of a kid with hair sticking up from static, saying: "Spread you good energy-there's a good thought for a Monday morning..."

First of all, cool kid huh!? Anyway, Somerhalder's a stickler for sending Twitter posts laden with subtext...remember all the stuff about 'moving on'? He really wants all n' sundry to think all is fine in his and Dobrev's post-split world. A source speaking to Entertainmentwise backs this up saying that they "don't think it would be awkward for them. They are both well rounded people."

But, we all know...even when 'well-rounded' couples try to keep things professional, trouble is never far away, particularly on the high-pressure set of a hit network TV show (with a rabid fanbase to boot!). It's gonna be a long season for the pair, and who knows what their romantically involved alter-egos will face.

Theories on the - breakup? Think things are as drama-free as Somerhalder likes to portray? Regardless, more of The Vampire Diaries is not so far away, so get excited and jump in with your hopes for the new season below!


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