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Happy-go-lucky actor has never been shy about using social media to promote interesting things, both from his personal life and professional life as Damon on The Vampire Diaries. And while fans are counting down the days until the October 3rd premiere of Season 5, the actor has been busy dropping a few hints as to what we can expect in the upcoming season that is sure to hold huge changes for some characters.

The latest was a behind the scenes video he posted to his Instagram account, featuring an old-school Mustang on some sort of spinning camera rig.

But who is that inside? Ian makes an appearance at the very end, up close and personal, so we know it's not him. Paul? Someone else? Maybe brand-new characters? Or is it two stunt guys? And whose Mustang is it, anyway? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

We have a month to figure this out before Season 5 of The Vampire Diaries airs. Until then, we can only hope Ian keeps tweeting and Instagramming more tantalizing behind the scenes pics and videos. We're counting down the days until October 3rd. What about you?

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