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Ian Somerhalder sullied thousands of adolescent daydreams about walking down the aisle with him at The Vampire Diaries convention in Orlando this week.

The hunky star might have the chiselled chin and buff bod that dreams are made of but, he also has a more unsavoury side. In a bit of chronic over-sharing, revealed some dirty little secrets about his menageries toileting troubles.

The fan who proposed marriage to the star can't have been too impressed with the answer. Somerhalder said;

You do not want to be married to me. Trust me. I’m a workaholic. I’m never home. I have eight animals … Yeah, they’re adorable, but what ‘til you’re living with them … Their turds are about the size of this microphone. I mean, it’s all day everyday

Somerhalder did also show off his sensitive side when it comes to all things furry by adding;

No, by the way, they’re the most beautiful creatures I’ve ever known

Bless his little cottons, The Vampire Diaries hunk really does adore his animals <3 Of course, you don't have to take as the gospel truth from me hear it from the horses mouth in the video below!


Source: Wetpaint via Youtube

Images: Alloy Entertainment and Reddit


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