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Anna Jefferies

People used to know Nietzsche as the famous German philosopher who basically killed God with this critical interpretations of religion. However, in the future, the name will probably be more associated with Ian Somerhalder's dog...

It seems that Nietzsche, who gave birth in October, could be the reason for Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev drawing closer together. Apparently Nina just can't enough of Nietzsche's puppies. A source told the National Enquirer:

Nina fell in love with Nietzsche's puppies. She kept coming around to check on the dogs, and that's when she and Ian realized they still carried torches for each other. After playing 'mom' to the little pups, Nina is rethinking her anti- marriage stance. Co-parenting the dogs with Ian helped Nina realize what a great dad he would be. She never really saw that nurturing side of him before.

Allegedly Nina and Ian originally broke up because she was still unwilling to settle down with Ian. Perhaps seeing with the puppies has changed her perspective?

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