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David Latona

When a film gets its own twitter account, you either know that the world has become a very strange place indeed or you accept the premise of a birdlike-chirping cinematographic project blabbering away in 140 characters or less. In any case, thanks to marketing strategies like this one, we get a great preview of what's to come next year with 's latest film, The Anomaly.

The Anomaly's twitter account posted a great pic of brandishing a pretty dang cool gun and squinting in that trademark 'serious guy' face he manages to pull off so well. Here's the tweet:

The sci-fi thriller is Clarke's third time directing, and focuses on a traumatized ex-soldier () who wakes up in a van alongside a kidnapped boy to find that he has only nine minutes and 37 seconds of consciousness to work out why and how in Heaven's name he got there.

The Anomaly's release date has yet to be announced, although it is expected to premiere in 2014. [[poll]]


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