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I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

Fans of all things The Vampire Diaries, get your voting pad OUT! got a nom recently for 'Choice TV actor: Fantasy/Sci-Fi' at the Teen Choice Awards, and he's feeling good about it - so much so, he's asking for votes on Instagram!

He tweeted, alongside an image of three Teen Choice surfboards: "Damon and I have 3 because you all rock-maybe 4 in a little while if you want:) Not sure when voting ends but I think it's soon - Hopefully see you soon you bad-ass teens. Love, Damon Salvatore& Ian Somerhalder."

'Badass teens' - way to get some votes Ian! It won't be easy though, he's got his vamp co-star to contend against, as well as the boys from and and Arrow (Movie)'s .

Guess who'll else has got a nom? None other than , his ex and co-star whose up for the "Choice TV actress: Fantasy/Sci-Fi" award. Could be awkward, or will one of them skip the ceremony? I'm not sure Somerhalder's legions of fanatic female admirers would be a happy bunch if he didn't attend, so I'll place my bets on Dobrev...

Will this ploy help Somerhalder win the award? Is anybody rooting for the guys? Get in touch below!


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