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They may no longer be a couple off-screen, but the new series of The Vampire Diaries will see and 's characters - Damon and Elena - get a whole lot closer; a storyline which, by the sounds of it, makes Smolder-holder's real-life predicament that little bit more uncomfortable.

Whilst Ian may have not declared his love for Nina - from whom he split earlier this year - the actor did recently talk about the relationship that Damon and Elena have on the new season of the show...and it sounds suspiciously like he's still not over the breakup. The actor revealed to DigitalSpy that:

[Damon] got the girl, at a great expense. It's gotta be so strange for this guy. He was so in love with Katherine for so many years, working off the naivety of a 23-year-old man. To be in love with this woman who really broke your heart, and then all of a sudden to find a woman who is identical in every way, shape, and form, who is 160 years his junior.

Does Ian think it's weird that his on-screen counterpart, Damon, is in love with a woman that's exactly like the last woman that he loved "in every way"? Most Vampire Diaries fans were overjoyed when Elena Gilbert confessed her love for Damon Salvatore in the Season 4 finale, but Ian has different opinions. He's probably worried about the possible steamy sex scenes with his ex, poor guy...

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