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Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder split with his co-star and long-term girlfriend Nina Dobrev last year and since then, the stars seem to be dealing with the break-up in different ways...

Dobrev has hinted that she's A-ok with the way things are going in her own life, sans Somerhalder. And while Ian's reminiscing the past and how his life is "much quieter" (let's not kid ourselves, he means lonely), Nina has been saying things like "I definitely don't need anyone to make me happy."

Which is why it doesn't come as a total surprise that Ian has been reaching out to his (lucky, lucky) fans, and asking them to be his Valentine! Somerhalder recently posted the million dollar question, "Will you be my Valentine?" to his Instagram followers wearing a black ISF shirt.

Check it out:

Launched in 2010, the Ian Somerhalder's "Ian Somerhalder Foundation" (ISF) hopes to educate people on the importance of protecting the environment and animals. Could this Vampire Diaries thesp get any sweeter?

The Vampire Diaries airs on Thursday nights at 8 P.M. ET on The CW.



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