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Despite running a popular webseries to entertain people, the gang had a pretty respectable rogues gallery. But as fate would have it, two cast members who played adversaries on the show found love with each other in real life and got married: Danielle Morrow and Jeremy Rowley.

Nora Dershlit, played by Morrow in the hit TV show, was a psycho fan of the iCarly gang who kidnapped Carly, Freddy and Sam (twice). Rowley played Lewbert, the obnoxious (and creepy) doorman of Carly's building, who had a thing (if we can call it that) for Freddie's mom.

Nora and Lewbert [Credit: Nickelodeon]
Nora and Lewbert [Credit: Nickelodeon]

The couple announced they were expecting their first child last year and had been chronicling the pregnancy ever since. Well, they've just announced the birth of their baby boy. Morrow shared this adorable picture on her Instagram of her husband and baby's hands together:

The caption reads:

"My boys like to start the day off with a high-five."

Rowley couldn't keep himself out of the announcing game though, and took to Instagram as well to share this:

The caption reads:

"This is why I read Teen Vogue. I had no idea this had happened."

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Oh, no. That caption can only mean one thing: He's a real-life Lewbert... we can only hope for the best now.

[Credit: Nickelodeon]
[Credit: Nickelodeon]

Jokes aside, though, it's great to know the three of them are healthy. Hopefully everything goes great for them in the future. Morrow hasn't been very active in the acting business lately but she did reappear as Nora in the spin-off Sam & Cat. If you want to know what Rowley is up to post-iCarly, check out Nickelodeon's Bunsen is a Beast, where he voices the title character.


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