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We know that Idina Menzel is totally up for Elsa fulfilling her gay potential and having a girlfriend in Frozen 2, and while she can't "confirm or deny" what direction Elsa's love life will take in the sequel, she had a good chat with Tyler Oakley about it.

Tyler asked Idina which Disney character Elsa could go out with, suggesting Pocahontas or even Ursula, but the lady with those powerful "Let It Go" lungs has her own idea: Tinkerbell.

The conversation begins around 05:28.

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Tinkerbell?! I mean, obviously, this is all a very light-hearted, joking conversation, as some serious world-melding would be involved to even get these characters in the same place, let alone have them wining, dining and Disney good-timing each other. Besides, there's something a little unsettling about the size difference between Elsa and Tink that has me thinking about that bizarrely graphic scene in Pedro Almodóvar's Talk To Her.

What would be truly exciting about Elsa having a girlfriend (apart from the whole Disney publicly proclaiming that being gay is OK thing, obviously!) is that we'd get a whole new character to love. YASS KWEEN.


Would you like to see Elsa get a girlfriend in 'Frozen 2'?


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