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It's not a hard thing to imagine: Idris Elba strutting around an old-timey tavern dressed in tight French frills, flexin' biceps, guzzling eggs and waxing lyrical on the art of seduction. That is why — no offense to Luke Evans, of course — we can totally picture him nailing Gaston's character in Beauty and the Beast. Like, really, really well.

Alas, that image could have been reality. Sitting down with People Magazine, the south London lad revealed that not only does he have a solid set of lungs, but he begged for the chance to audition for this year's live-action adaptation. Is there anything Hollywood's resident phwoar cannot do?

“I honestly love musicals. I auditioned for Beauty and the Beast. I really did, for Gaston. I called and said, 'Listen, I want in!' So somewhere they have a tape of me singing.”

Of course we loved Luke Evans's take on the boisterous ballbag, but you have to admit it would've been pretty fantastic to watch British Elba, whose back-catalogue contains an American drug kingpin and a Norse god, have a stab at it. It also goes without saying that we'll be needing to see that audition tape. Like immediately, please.

[Credit: Walt Disney Studios]
[Credit: Walt Disney Studios]

Elba goes on to add that he holds no bad feelings towards Evan for bagging Gaston:

“No, only a little bit. No! I love you Luke, you know that."

What a good human!

stars alongside Kate Winslet in The Mountain Between Us, which hits theaters nationwide Oct. 6. Watch the trailer below:

Would you have loved to see Idris Elba play Gaston?

(Source: People)


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